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What is a Residential Care Home?

What is an Assisted Living Residential Care Home?

  • An Assisted Living Residential Care Home is a licensed assisted living facility located in a home setting in a residential neighborhood.
  • An Assisted Living Residential Care Home provides a special combination of residential housing, personalized supportive services, and professional healthcare.
  • The goals of an Assisted Living Residential Care Home include maximizing independence by offering the same features of independent living with the added benefit of personal and individualized care and assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Services provided usually include meals, laundry, housekeeping, medication supervision, assistance with activities of daily living, transportation assistance (facility dependent), and an activity program.

What Agency Regulates Assisted Living Facilities?

In Texas, all Personal Care Homes, Residential Care Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities that provide services of a personal care nature to more than 3 residents (unrelated to the owner) MUST BE LICENSED under the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) for Assisted Living Facilities. Each facility is re-licensed annually pending successful site inspections.

Are There Different Types and Sizes of Homes?

  • Yes, there are different types of homes that fall under the Texas licensing standard for Assisted Living facilities. JMJ consists of a Type A home and a Type B home.
  • Type A: A resident must be physically and mentally capable of evacuating the facility unassisted. The resident does not require routine attendance during nighttime sleeping hours and must be capable of following directions under emergency conditions.
  • Type B: A resident may require staff assistance to evacuate and may be incapable of following directions under emergency conditions. Residents may require attendance during nighttime sleeping hours. The resident may not be permanently bedfast, but may require assistance transferring to and from a wheelchair. State law requires a fire alarm and sprinkler system for licensure.
  • Also, the distinction between a small facility and a large facility is as follows: Small facilities consist of 4-16 residents; large facilities consist of 17 or more residents.

What Rules Regulate an Assisted Living Facility?

"The licensing standards for Assisted Living Facilities are promulgated under the Authority of the Health and Safety Code, Chapter 247. Assisted Living services are driven by a service philosophy that emphasizes personal dignity, autonomy, independence, and privacy. Assisted Living services should enhance a person's ability to age in place in a residential setting while receiving increasing or decreasing levels of service as the person's needs change." (From The Texas Department of Aging and Disability's Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities.)

What Does "Aging in Place" Mean?

"Aging in Place" is a term used to reference living where you have lived for many years, or to reference living in a non-healthcare environment and using products, services, and conveniences to allow or enable residents to not have to move as circumstances change.

At JMJ Residential Care Homes we value our residents and do everything we can to make it easy for them to age in place with us!